New Domain, New Blog, First Post

January 6, 2020

Moving to hugo

For a while now, I wanted to dump my wordpress based blog since I am not a PHP aficionado (thankfully) and I felt it was pretty heavy-weight. At the same time I was interested in using static html/css but I am not a great front end guy either, so my choice was clear: pick one of the several static blog tools available.

There are a few choices here, but I settled on hugo since it looked pretty simple and had a lot of themes. Now my posts are checked into my blog's git repo instead of a SQL DB à la wordpress. The url's are simple paths instead of query parameters! (wtf does wordpress do this???).

I didn't want my old domain and site to go away, and I didn't want links to my blog to die, so instead I employed nginx rewrite and redirect rules to make them point to a static export of my old site. To export my wordpress site to static html I used WP2Static.

New domain

While wanting a new personal website was one goal, another was to get a new domain that would serve as a central hub to host my own digital services. I wanted to have my own email address using my own domain, and start to distance myself from gmail (and other google services). Also, I am planning to run OwnCloud for image and file syncing from my domain. Hopefully soon I will be digitally self-sufficient!